Telemedicine Software Development: the Must-Have Investment & a Great Startup Idea

Telemedicine is a combination of modern technologies and telecommunications to provide timely and medical care remotely. With proper organization of video conferencing, patients receive examinations and consultations remotely. Doctors can collect anamnesis, receive and send up-to-date information about the course of diseases, prescribe treatment, and issue the necessary medical certificates. Doctors can talk to a patient remotely using any service for video communication or messaging. In this case, they will have to mix personal and work chats and organize an archive for documents separately.
Telemedicine software development for iPhones and smartphones on Android provides a virtual office to store and view all extracts, test results, and other data on all interactions with the patient. Medical workers can view the medical record together with the patient online while answering his/her questions simultaneously.

Modern Solutions for the Quality Medical Care Provision

Telemedicine development is the thing that clinics should pay special attention to, as especially starting in 2020, they are leading in download requests. People do not want to stand in lines and endanger their health. For doctors, it is a practical solution to help more patients with less time.
Exoft specialists are going to provide any clinic with the application to interact with the patient and to collect/store their data. Medical software can automatically receive and then store and process information from other devices connected to the smartphone. Even the most basic smartwatch collects data on the patient's heart rate and time of his activity. More advanced devices can measure pressure and more. In addition, the application will make it easier for doctors to study other indicators over time. The patient himself, for example, can measure the oxygen level in the blood or temperature and regularly add the obtained values to the application.

The Key Aspects of Telemedicine Software Development Applying Solutions

The elaboration of a telemedicine application is a complex process. Here, all stages are interconnected:

·         The first one is an analytics and the development of technical specifications. First, it is necessary to analyze the business project, study the competition and target audience. The collected information will help to draw up the technical specification for the development. It is discussed, changed, and approved;

·         Next comes the stage of preparing the UI / UX layout. It is vital to describe the technical interface here, to pay attention to its elements and functions. To make success, it is essential to consider the data collection of analytics of the behavior of the potential audience;

·         The user interface developed by UI designers is the "face" of the application. At this stage, it is essential not only to choose colors and shapes for the elements of the site but also to add new options that will help the client to start telemedicine session;

·         At the analytic stage, it is necessary to find out where the audience of the clinic is and which platform is more profitable. In addition, they can not limit themselves and not develop two applications (Android and iOS). It is possible to publish cross-platform programs in two stores at once;

·         Testing and publishing. Before launching the application, it is checked for stability and speed to find and fix bugs, if any. After publication, it's time to release hotfixes. It is about fixes for non-obvious errors, as well as refining the service by the implementation of updates.

It is also necessary to pay attention to marketing. Modern promotion will help clinics find new customers and attract regular customers to the telemedicine application faster. So, they need advertising in different channels. For those clinics that have already identified their target audience, native software is suitable. If business solutions are urgently needed, then cross-platform projects can be considered.

Telemedicine Software: The Quick Solution of Wide Problems' Range 

Many people today need long-distance medical advice. Not everyone has the opportunity to monitor their health carefully: some are very busy at work, some live far from the clinic. Due to telemedicine software, patients will find a free specialist at any time of the day. The program will indicate the best expert in a particular area and which doctors are free right now. Telemedicine began its history long before the advent of the computer - in the days of telegraphs. At the same time, the first video conferencing session as a tool for telemedicine occurred in 1965. It was a broadcast of an operation to replace the aortic valve with an artificial heart, and the outstanding cardiac surgeon Michael DeBakey assisted it. So, progress does not stand still, and timely medical assistance can save hundreds of thousands of lives. For conducting remote medical consultations, the software is the most convenient way to stay in touch with patients, and most importantly, to collect and store their data.